On 2014-09-25 2:44 PM, Leo Moser wrote:

> The CONLANG group is full of people who enjoy designing
> and even learning languages for fun.

Yes, this is one of the distinguishing characteristics between AUXLANG 
and CONLANG, and one of the reasons why David Durand originally split 
off AUXLANG from CONLANG years ago, the often acrimonious dissension 
among auxlangers compared to the usually peaceable relations among 
"non-aux" conlangers. I myself have not quite understood why conIALs 
elicit such dissension and, at times, almost acrimony, among those who 
seem to want a (relatively) common goal.

> There are more such people than Tolkien originally thought.
> He felt a minority of one.

I am not proficient in "Tolkienesque" thought, but I think this is so.

> People learn languages that they really need without any
> thought about how they look or sound.

Most definitely. Many people engage themselves with languages on the 
idea that doing so will give them some benefit. Those of us 
(figuratively speaking) who tend to engage auxlangs as if they were 
things in themselves might quite honestly be considered eccentric (and 
maybe even cranks) by many other people.

> This includes adults.
> I'd like to know more about OGL.

This I have no acquaintance with.

Paul Bartlett