Browsing around in my computer's file system, I find that I have 6158 text
files in my conlang folder, including the contents of sub-folders.  I know
I haven't created 6158 different conlangs, so I began to wonder just what
all this garbage is, and how should I go about organizing and classifying

There are some folders that are devoted to a particular conlang like ai
Basata, Kalusa, SoaLoa, Pindari, Txtana, and so on. But, surprisingly, most
of the files are one-off ideas, grammar sketches, morphological ideas,
lexical theories, and a host of other miscellany not associated with any
one particular conlang. The filenames are often cryptic, and seldom give
any hint as to the contents of the file.

What makes this bad is that I will come up with what I think is a new idea
in some area of conlangery only to discover that I had written down
essentially the same idea back in 1997 and again in 2006. What's even
worse, is in browsing through some of my old files from 15 to 20 years ago
I'm stumbling across some idea that I really like, and would love to play
around with, but that I had completely forgotten about!

Has anybody out there come up with a good way to bring order to the chaos
of random bits and scraps of ideas? How do you keep your notes in order, or
do you? What are your filing and organizing techniques?