Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the information --  I was so lucky to look at this Wikipedia 
article today. During the e-mail exchange on this topic, I used the 
fragment of "Medea" in an article to be submitted, together with its TEI 
P5 conversion and a discussion of some little fragments.

Now I'm looking at a real case where I wouldn't be able to defend myself 
against an accusation of plagiarizing Wikipedia, given that nearly the 
same fragment appeared there. :-) Not a big issue, I can either change 
the examples in the submission, or change the fragment cited in 
Wikipedia to something else (the latter actually seems an easier move, 
because nearly any other fragment is OK there).

But it's a funny thing to watch out for, in general, so I'm sharing. And 
at the same time providing a reason for my potential modification of the 
Wikipedia article. And counting on your understanding if I end up making it.



On 19/09/14 05:16, Stuart Yeates wrote:
> I've made some changes to the article.
> If anyone is inclined to develop this or related articles further that
> would be more than welcome.
> Those that consider wikipedia a distraction from more important academic
> pursuits may be interested that we can now use authority control for
> both the subjects of articles as well as the authors of articles,
> allowing consistent attribution of authorial work. See
> cheers
> stuart