Dear all,
when discussing TEI-related stuff, and especially when praising the many 
virtues and advantages of TEI XML encoding, one of my favorite arguments 
is that not only TEI is a great format when aiming for long-term data 
preservation, but it also allows data interchange among different 
projects (that's one of the possible meanings of the 'I' in TEI, right?).

A colleague and friend of mine who has a somewhat different opinion of 
TEI encoding, recently wrote an article where he stated that this 
advantage is just a theoretical one, because there are *no* projects 
actually sharing TEI data originating from somewhere else.

I was going to fire up a mail to answer this claim, when I realized that 
I couldn't think, on the top of my head, of one or more projects doing 
exactly that: can you help me finding examples? and, if such interchange 
is less than expected/desirable, what could be the reason? projects 
jealously keeping all XML data private, or making those available with a 
very restrictive license?

Thank you in advance,



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