Hi Martin,

The datCat attributes are meant to declare the equivalence of the
element that they appear in, not the target element of that element.
There's targetDatcat, I think, too.



On 29/10/14 16:30, Martin Holmes wrote:
> Hi Jack,
> On the face of it, what you need are the att.datcat attributes:
> <>
> but they're not currently available on <equiv>. I don't see why they
> shouldn't be, so if you also think they're the right way to do this, let
> me know and I'll open a feature request.
> Cheers,
> Martin
> Martin Holmes
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> *Subject:* Question on declaring ISOcat values in ODD (Linguistic
> Dictionary)
> Hi,
> I'm wondering if any linguistically oriented TEI people of with
> knowledge of/experience with using ISOcat and ODD could tell me if I am
> using the 'equiv' element correctly..
> Below is an example of my 'elementSpec' in the ODD, I am looking to
> declare that the TEI element 'orth' is equivalent to the ISOcat value
> 'orthography' and whose PID is the value in the @uri:
>     <elementSpecmodule="dictionaries"ident="orth">
>      *<equivname="orthography"uri=""/>*
>      <desc>The Mixtec working orthography is the orthographic system
> adhered to in this corpus and it corresponds to that used in the
> publications by SIL Mexico which are based on the recommendations
> by <orgNamexml:lang="mix">Ve'e Tu'un Savi</orgName> (House of the Mixtec
> language) for a unified orthographical system for all varieties of the
> Mixtec language. The value of the attribute @<att>uri</att> is that
> defined in the ISOcat registry and pertains to a non-language specific
> orthographic system.</desc>
>     </elementSpec>
> Any comments, advice would be much appreciated!
>  Thanks in advance,
> Jack