Elena is right to say that you shouldn't be trying to put information about the whole book inside the <msItem> -- <msItem> is where you record information about one particular component of a manuscript, not the book in which it is contained. You can include <title> and <author> here,  for example, but not <imprint> or <publisher> for that reason. However if you really want to put a full bibliographic description inside an individual <msItem>, you can do so, but you must use <bibl>, not <biblStruct>.  This is because <biblStruct> is meant to be used for an abstract bibliographic description -- a work rather than an instance of a work -- and has a much more rigorous structure as a result. Whereas <bibl> is more general. Some people will tell you that <bibl> is always a better choice than <biblStruct> for that reason!

  On 16/10/14 14:53, Elena Spadini wrote:
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if you want to encode information as author, editor, imprint for the whole book,
isn't it better to use <biblStruct> for the whole book and try to incorporate in it a <msDesc> for the manuscript portion, instead of the contrary (msDesc with <biblStruct> inside)?
But then I don't know how to mix, for example, <biblScope> and <msDesc> ..
it seems it is not allowed.

2014-10-14 16:31 GMT+02:00 Antonio Rojas Castro <[log in to unmask]>:
Dear TEI List,

I'm trying to encode bibliographic information using <msDesc> to describe both print and manuscript miscellanous books. As far as I know inside <msContents> it is possible to identify each item -each text- contained in a book with <msItem> + <locus> + <title>, right?; however, you are not allowed -at least my Oxygen gets very angry- if you want to include a <biblStruct> with information about the author, the editor, the imprint, etc. So my question is how am I supposed to encode the extent of one text contained in a miscellanous book and information about the whole book such as the author, the editor, the imprint, etc.? Why you cannot combine <biblStruct> and <msItem>? Did I miss anything? Sorry to bother if I did.

Many thanks.

All the best,   

Antonio Rojas Castro

Elena Spadini
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