Two things come to mind that are similar to this ...

On 10/22/14 4:34 PM, Bigwood, David wrote:
> Do you know of an example of Zotero being used to create a
> bibliography at the end of an on-line document?

a) The Encyclopedia of Diderot and d'Alembert Collaborative Translation 
Project ( ) provides a list of 
resources related to the Encyclopédie ( ), which includes a link 
to the Zotero bibliography.

b) The Text Encoding Initiative Consortium ( ) 
maintains a bibliography of publications related to the TEI in Zotero ( ).  They have an 
XSLT that transforms the output from Zotero into the data format used on 
their website (TEI XML), which they can run periodically to updated the 
copy on their site from the Zotero source.