Dear TEi Community,

It is my greatest pleasure to announce you that the next TEI Members Meeting and Conference will be held in beautiful Lyon, in France. The Meeting will be organised by an agglomerate fo research centres and institutions, and in particular by the CIHAM (Histoire, Archéologie, Littératures des Mondes Chrétiens et Musumans Médiévaux) and HISoMA (Histoire et Sources des Mondes Antiques). The chairs of the local committee are Marjorie Burghart (recently elected to the Board) and Emmanuelle Morlock.

Please save the dates: the conference, including workshops and SIGs meeting will be held between the 26th to the 31st of October 2015.

For those interested in visiting Lyon, this large university city enshrined between two rivers, rich of about 2 millions dwellers and ca. 125,000 students, has a lot to offer. The Tourism Office website(1) will give you more information, but we can mention that this city still bears trace of its long history. A well-preserved gallo-roman amphitheatre is flanked by a large museum of Gallo-Roman history and archaeology. Besides the Museum of Fine Arts, local museums include the Museum of Fabrics (bearing testimony of the history of Lyon as the capital of silk weaving), or the museum of printing (Lyon used to be a major centre for printing during the Renaissance era). The new ‘Musée des Confluences’(2) offers a visually stunning architecture. Located where the Rhône and Saône rivers meet, it will be housing a museum at the confluence of scientific, technical and anthropological knowledge. The old town (UNESCO World Heritage site), with its medieval cathedral, is mostly Renaissance and is sometimes described as italianate. The local cuisine, with its picturesque "bouchon" restaurants(3), is world-famous

The call for paper will be issued early next year.

Best and see you _all_ in Lyon!

(1) and

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