Hello Stuart, 

I have to agree that the imbalance in this list is shocking, since it ignores many important DH centres in Europe and beyond. 

Since a discussion of the criteria that qualify a structure as a DH centre might prove extremely boring, partial and (more importantly) totally sterile, I would suggest to drop this list altogrther in Wikipedia, and simply link to Centernet's list and/or any other list widely recognised. 

Cheers, Marjorie

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Envoyé: Lundi 27 Octobre 2014 07:45:19
Objet: Digital humanities centers on wikipedia

I have just removed a handful of DH centers, including several
TEI-using ones from the list at Some of them
I've removed before.

If people interested in getting coverage of their projects on
wikipedia that's a conversation I'd welcome, but please don't edit-war
to add yourselves.