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To my eyes, it looks like the edit to this page is more of an application of Wiki-strategy than any sort of attempt to produce a list of vetted centers.  Per wikipedia, lists should only contain items that are linked with a page already constructed in the wikiverse.  External links are instead used in “See also” type usage. Users who wish to add to the list of DH centers should first create a wikipedia page for their centre and then link to that wikipedia page from the list of centers on the main DH page.  Here’s the relevant citation from wikipedia (referred to as Write the Article First): "Lists should only contain internally linked articles, thus serving as natural tables of content and indexes of Wikipedia.”


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> Hello Stuart, 
> I have to agree that the imbalance in this list is shocking, since it ignores many important DH centres in Europe and beyond. 
> Since a discussion of the criteria that qualify a structure as a DH centre might prove extremely boring, partial and (more importantly) totally sterile, I would suggest to drop this list altogrther in Wikipedia, and simply link to Centernet's list and/or any other list widely recognised. 
> Cheers, Marjorie
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> Objet: Digital humanities centers on wikipedia
> I have just removed a handful of DH centers, including several
> TEI-using ones from the list at
> Some of them
> I've removed before.
> If people interested in getting coverage of their projects on
> wikipedia that's a conversation I'd welcome, but please don't edit-war
> to add yourselves.
> cheers
> stuart