As Peter and Martin correctly deduced, the issue is not the relative
merit of the center, but whether or not it has a wikipedia article.
I've added a hatnote to the section pointing to centerNet's directory.

Those who wish to write an article about a digital humanities center
will need evidence of 'significant coverage in reliable sources that
are independent of the subject'; typically this is 3+ independent
articles in national newspapers (press releases and recycled press
releases don't count, but non-English language press certainly does).
I'd encourage centers in non-English speaking regions to write their
article in their native language first [ping me and I'll help with the
minutiae of the English language version]. Centers which haven't
received such coverage may still be eligible for coverage as a section
in articles of their founder (the standard for inclusion of academics
is such that most late-career academics in conventional academic
institutions qualify).

If we are serious about proper coverage of the digital humanities in
wikipedia (which is currently sorely lacking), probably the best way
is for someone (or several people) to step forward, take up the
support offered at and let
classes of undergrads do it as part of their coursework.


On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 4:57 AM, Martin Mueller
<[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Marjorie's suggestion makes the most sense. Direct users to Centernet as
> the source for the best currently available list of DH activity hubs.
> Like Peter Robinson, I'm not aware of the subtle differences that still
> divide the wikiverse from the universe. And I suspect that the two of us
> are not alone.
> MM
> Martin Mueller
> Professor emeritus of English and Classics
> Northwestern University
> On 10/27/14 9:49 AM, "Peter Flynn" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>On 10/27/2014 12:34 PM, Martin Holmes wrote:> My own centre was not in
>>the list before or after, so I have no stake
>>> in this game, but why should people not add their own centre to a
>>> list of Digital Humanities centres on a Wikipedia page on DH?
>>I was assuming from what Stuart said ("If people interested in getting
>>coverage of their projects on wikipedia") that he had detected a
>>tendency for people to add [their] individual DH *projects*; and that
>>the list is/was intended for "centres" -- that is, at a guess,
>>formally-established and funded official organisational subdivisions
>>responsible for the conduct of teaching and research in the digital
>>humanities within academic institutions.
>>That's just my €0.02...if there are formal criteria for adding to this
>>list, it would be useful for them to be noted just under the heading.