Iıd say no: <tei:hi> is but another way in TEI to segment/divide text,
which is exactly what <html:div> was meant to do.

Iıve been transforming a collection of structured texts with analogues to
<tei:hi> elements. Iıve been very pleased with the flexibility and
expressiveness in <html:div>. IMO, ordinary human intelligibility is not
as important in HTML as it is in TEI (after all, what portion of readers
actually look at a pageıs source?). Plus with this approach you can write
more concise and expressive css that doesnıt require you to worry about
the hierarchy, or even the name of the element. For example, maybe you
want to provide the same background to your floating callouts as you do to
named entities. All you need is assigned something like teiHi and teiName
to html:div/@class, then in css do something like this:

Plus with this approach think of all the cool things you could do with css
selectors, e.g., to pick every tei-derived element in your html just use
this selector in your css:

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>buit isnıt it just as abusive to map <tei:hi> to <html:div>?