For most of the typically very short and simple marginal notes in Early
Modern texts, display in the margin is a real benefit. Where you have
complex marginal notes--as for instance in Ben Jonson's Works--moving the
notes to the end may be the better solution, and displaying them as
marginal notes on a screen may be a nuisance. I think there are
algorithmic ways of cleanly dividing the cases.

Martin Mueller

Professor emeritus of English and Classics
Northwestern University

On 10/29/14 10:02 AM, "Martin Holmes" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>>I think the problem may be that those notes may themselves contain
>> block-level structures that won't fit into HTML <span>.
>In that case, it's either divs all the way down, spans all the way down,
>or an arbitrary point at which you move from divs to spans, and then
>check the ancestry in every template to see whether you've passed that
>Rendering the notes at the end is simpler, though. You'd have to put an
>anchor in the text at the point you want the JavaScript to move them to,
>so you can retrieve the right offset. There's also the problem of notes
>and labels overlapping if the margin is not wide enough or the font size
>is too big.
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>I think the problem may be that those notes may themselves contain
>block-level structures that won't fit into HTML <span>.
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>On Oct 29, 2014, at 9:51 AM, Martin Holmes wrote:
>> Hi Sebastian,
>> There's no reason, surely, that you can't create a span with display:
>>block and float: right? I do that all the time. Another option for
>>positioning is not to float, but to set it as position: absolute,
>>specify a width, and right: 2em or something like that, so the thing
>>appears as a block next to the right edge.
>> Cheers,
>> Martin