Having been reading the discussion about Patrik Austin's "Reduced Natural
Grammar" and its use in an engelang, and whether it was better or worse
than predicate logic for the creation of a logical language, I began to
think about the creation of an ILlogical lanaguage.

By this, I mean a language whose grammar is as illogical or irrational as
possible. As people have pointed out ad nauseam, natlang grammars have many
features that are not logical, but these are merely alogical grammars. I'm
talking about an anti-logical grammar, a language that strives for the
irrational, the malformed, and the utterly senseless.

One way this could be done is through humor, like Bill Spruiell's
Bureaulang, with phantasmagorically bizarre word classes, such as
"arthropods; fish; groups of people characterized by moving in formation
(incl. Mhaevanni in general); rigid containers; trees; non-shiny minerals
in the green-blue range," yet that language, could, in theory, be spoken...
maybe. Rather, I am thinking about a a true "Toki Ike," the conlang
equivalent of "Malbolge," that is, a language designed to be as obdurate,
as opaque, and as cthulhuian as possible.

But... probably someone has already done it... even worse. So, has it been
done? By whom? Any live links?

Right now, I am thinking along lines such as: "The verbal infix -pa- marks
the past tense, if the moon is waxing, and the referenced event was, to the
knowledge of the speaker, observed by the listener, who has attempted,
without success, to deny his culpability in the entire affair; or it marks
the progressive aspect, if the moon is waning, or the speaker is not aware
of the lunar phase and chooses not to reveal his astronomical ignorance to
the listener; or it is a reduplicative intensifier, if the actuality of the
referenced event is dubious, but the listener wishes that it had occurred;
otherwise -pa- indicates number/gender agreement with the postposed object."