As a slight refinement of the pronoun "ha", when "ha" is the subject, it 
refers to the subject of a previous main clause. Or if it precedes the 
subject of the phrase it's in, maybe the same rule should apply. The 
exact details of pronoun antecedents in Sihak are something that could 
use more attention.

I mistyped "juk" in place of "kuj". I almost think "juk" sounds 
better... I might change it.

Text for day 20:

“Kam hapo sjobas” Njago juk, naj rujawon hari ’i da sa ti’ija.
“those consume molasses-ACC” dormouse say, after think-ing-LOC for one 
or two minute-GEN.PL.

“Kam ga to ses mar, ra ’eka” Aris humu kuj garas, “gon kam ja fu’i.”
“those not can that-ACC do, you know” Alice gentle say remark-ACC, “else 
those be ill.”

“Jen kam ja” Njago kuj, “mire fu’i.”
“thus those be” dormouse say, “much ill.”

Aris kir hah mjuni twis tega ’aw garespa daw sjaroj,
Alice try self-DAT imagine what-ACC such not ordinary way 

  de ses ha moj gura, wej ha sjira.
  but that-ACC self too.much confuse, so self continue.

“De gen kam kuti ’e dramen honaj?”
“But why those reside at bottom-LOC well-GEN?”