On 12/4/14, Dmitry Ivanov
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> Steve wrote:
>>As to LdP, the grammar article says,
>>"There are no gender distinctions between "he" and "she". If gender is
> significant, one can use words like la fem, la om, la xica, la xico,
> la fema, la mas (the woman, the man, the girl, the boy, the female,
> the male), etc."
> I guess you meant LFN, not LdP.


> In the last years I myself prefer the name "Lidepla" (abbreviation invented
> by Attilio Liotto) over "LdP", because there are other LDPs too:
> LDP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia(good that our LdP is there already,
> btw)

"Lidepla" somehow suggests to me an unpleasant onomatopoeia. I'm not
sure what it would represent, but I'm reasonably certain someone would
have to clean up the result.

> Also there are other L** planned languages like LFN, LsF, and one may
> confuse those abbreviations in a hurry.

I'd be more likely to swap LFN and LsF. In this specific case, I'd
probably have mixed up the names regardless.