Day 6

I resolved the issue of how the subject of a clause is defined and added 2 passive prefixes, the 2nd promoting dative arguments. Subjects will always be nominative except that univalent and 1st passive clauses may have absolutive subjects. Of course, after a same-subject marked clause, the subject will be omitted.

I have just enough function morphemes for some sentences:

co mulyeru libri cikke le donuvi tu cui konosce ka?
"Do you know the woman who gave the child the book?"

The above uses the different-subject vowel at the end of the correlative clause.

co mulyeru libri cikke le donuvu juvyne.
"The woman who gave the child the book is young."

In this example, the same-subject vowel is used, so the correlative pronoun cuu isn't needed. The determiner co is still needed, but only to mark the clause as correlative.

Day 7

It looks like spatial relations will be verbs. There are still vocabulary issues to be solved, however. Since each verb has 1  static use and 1 dynamic use, most of the spatial relations need to come in pairs, like on - off, although this doesn't handle relations like "through". The dynamic interpretation is indicated by some dynamic verb.

cat-Nom roof-Loc on-Fin.
"The cat is on the roof."

cat-Nom jump-SS roof-Loc on-Aor-Fin.
"The cat jumped onto the roof."

The current version of the grammar is at: