On 2014-12-23 4:23 PM, Matthew Barnett wrote:

> On 2014-12-23 20:53, Paul Bartlett wrote:

>>> There are homographs like "bow" (/baU/ or /b@U/) and "row" (/raU/ or
>>> /r@U/), or even "lead" (/li:d/ or /led/) and "read" (/ri:d/ or /red/).
>> Ahhh, but I myself in my native dialect of English do NOT pronounce the
>> first two pairs as {/baU/ or /b@U/} and {/raU/ or /r@U/}, or even quite
>> close, in either pair, so where does that leave us? Whose pronunciation
>> are we to accept when such seemingly "simple" homographic pairs are
>> pronounced differently in the anglophone realm? And, again, I assert
>> that in respect to a conIAL, we should try to specify a standard
>> pronunciation, even if we grudgingly acknowledge that not all adult
>> speakers will always conform to the standard.
> I could also mention New Zealanders, who, I hear, write with a "pin".

Many Americans also write with a ballpoint pin. :)

Paul Bartlett