In Old Ku (Out of sheer lack of creativity, i've been naming my langs after
their first person singular) you have:

Ku - First person singular
Ku - To call
Ku - Round
Ku - The Classifier for round Things
Ku - Egg (obsolete)

"Round", "Egg", and the classifier are etymologically related, but the
pronoun and "to call" come from totally unrelated roots.

It was not on purpose, but my sound changes are likely to create many
homophones. I will probably find other examples as i work in the lexicon.

2015-01-09 21:13 GMT-02:00 Pete Bleackley <[log in to unmask]>:

> Anyone got any interesting homophones in their languages?
> In KhangaÞyagon
> tosha: badger
> tosha: pouch, purse, pocket
> kest: beehive
> kest: hail (n)
> "kest" was serendipitous, but "tosha" was deliberate.
> Pete Bleackley
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