The venue is the Capitol Theatre. From Horsham Station, leave by the main entrance and turn left. Go down the road and the venue is on your left, around 200 yards.

Pete Bleackley
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>  The Premier has the benefit of being simultaneously near the venue *and*
across the street from the train station.

Where precisely *is* the venue? The conference webpage that Arnt had linked
to just says "Horsham".

> As another aside, we have found that flying into Gatwick Airport is
somewhat painful to arrange when coming in from the US.  Seems like that's
more of an EU-Domestic airport, so you would have to fly to somewhere like
Paris or Dublin and then take a domestic commuter flight back into Gatwick.

You travel by train to Horsham from Heathrow, but the journey time is 2+
hours and the cost £50+. (I can help find out exact times and cost if
anybody's struggling to find that info unaided.)

I'm thrilled that so many US conlangers are prepared to fly all the way
here. Me, even my journey to Horsham from north London seems rather