Hello everyone,

I would like to be able to express, within the fileDesc, the same 
information as <dc:format>application/pdf</dc:format> expresses.

When you prepare a header for an electronic version of a book that is 
not XML-encoded (in my case it's PDF -- the header will be 
free-standing), and you would like to specify the media type of the book 
file, how do you go about that, please?

Should I just use a <ref> or a <ptr> somewhere within the 
publicationStmt (or notesStmt?), so that I can sneak @mimeType into it? 
But if I do, it is going to be different from a direct statement that I 
would like to express in a machine-readable form -- hence, among others, 
in a well-defined position in the header. Am I missing something 
obvious, please?

One hack I've been thinking of is to use <media> under (or next to) 
<measure> under <extent>.

So, for example:

   <measure unit="MiB" quantity="1.4"/>
   <media url="my_book.pdf" mimeType="application/pdf"/>

But this solution has a kludgy tinge to it. And I think it places the 
rather first-order information about the location of the file and about 
it's media type in an almost accidental place in the header.

Thanks in advance for any hints you care to offer.