Hi Piotr,

thanks for trying to help, but I'm afraid I still don't get it: how do I 
express the branching condition in RelaxNG, and where exactly does the 
RelaxNG go in the ODD? Maybe you could provide an example code snippet?

Many thanks in advance,


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Am 06.02.2015 um 14:08 schrieb Piotr Bański:
> Dear Martin,
> For cases such as this one, you may need a disjunction based on the 
> @type, expressed in RelaxNG. You need a <rng:choice> with two child 
> patterns: specific @type with <idno> of the specified datatype, as 
> opposed to any other @type with the default <idno> datatype.
> HTH,
>   Piotr
> On 06/02/15 13:46, Martin de la Iglesia wrote:
>> Am 05.02.2015 um 14:43 schrieb Martin Holmes:
>>> The ODD/schema seems the right place for that kind of definition.
>> If that's the consensus, the Guidelines should provide examples of how
>> to do that. For instance, I don't even know how to express in ODD that
>> xsd:anyURI should be the content datatype for <idno> *for specific @type
>> values only*. I certainly don't want all my <idno>s to be URIs.