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>Since Yemorans use speaking stones for communication, any idea how an
>audio scroll would be created? Would they be their own scrolls or
>could they be sewn into cloth? Those are my partial ideas. I bought
>some generators from, and can locate material for
>lining the literature tubes, like leather.

Yet again, it's your world!  They could be their own scrolls; they could be sewn into cloth; they could be of either type, depending; they could be sewn into something else; there could be no such thing as an audio scroll; etcetera.  Pick something.  Keep in mind that just because some old D&D-type generator made you a map with scrolls on it, doesn't mean you have to have scrolls to use it.  You could replace the scrolls on the map with speaking stones, or something else.

What you have told us about Yemoran technology so far, especially in the arena of speech recording, is fantastical enough, and so apparently little grounded in the ways I understand technological development to work, that I can't see a way to use precedent or reason to come up with an answer to suggest.