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>>What I'm trying to come up with are a name and single-letter abbreviation for each class. Let me know what's not clear.
>I don't know about names, but for one-letter abbreviations the puns based on vowel colouring seem irresistible.  Triply so the way you picked U for Null, which can't have been an accident!  That would give these names:
>E for >A--I: most transitive situations, body parts;
>O for >A--U: agentive situations, animate entities;
>Y for >U--I: scalar and other patientive situations, inanimate entities;
>U for >U--U: impersonal situations;
>A for >A--A: words like "give" & "tell", kinship, some derived stems, such as "school of fish";
>I for >I--I: some derived stems, such as "grove of trees" and "peel of fruit";
>That's supposing it's acceptable for a stem class to have the same abbreviation as a person-number-class category.

Unfortunately, that scheme no longer works -- there are 7 classes now:

U--U impersonal: rain
U--A animate: water(1), cat, happy, school of fish
U--I inanimate: water(2), cup, hot, break, flow, orange grove
A--U agentive: die, run
A--A ???: mother, friend, give, flock
A--I transitive: hand, inhabit, kick, see, in
I--I ???: fruit, grove

I'll probably just use numbers or the letter pairs for the abbreviations, but I still need some names.

The kinship system may turn out to be interesting: I need only one word for each relationship, not two, e.g. "child/parent" or "younger/older sibling".