I'm giving a talk at LCC6 about how Romlanging, rather than
being an adolescent phase that conlangers eventually grow
out of, is a valuable tool that allows us to explore the
higher-order aspects of conlanging -- diachronics, idioms,
social register, poetry -- that a-priori conlangs can only
support after months and years of preparatory groundwork.

I would like to illustrate these points on the basis of a
variety of mature Romlangs that have ventured into these
realms.  I'm thinking of Brithenig, Wenedyk, Carrajena,
Aingeljã etc. in particular, but do remind me of those I'm

If you would like to have your romlang featured in my talk,
please contact me privately.  I'm particularly interested
in what you, as the creators, consider the most flavorful
and interesting aspects of your romlangs.  (I can't
guarantee I'll put all submissions into my talk, of course.)


Christian Thalmann
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich)
Institute for Astronomy
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CH-8093 Zürich

Phone: +41 (0)44 633 71 79