Or as Mark J suggested "Bike to Free Coffee and Breakfast Day"  (also rumor
of FREE raffle? could just be a rumor though but it is on the flyer)

There are numerous bike trains gathering at certain points around the city.
No matter what direction you might consider commuting in on there's likely
a group headed in planning on getting to the festivities around 8am.

Here is the breakdown on the Train starting locations.

Train 5 will actually have a remote start. 6:50 at the Playground on
Vinter/EBBP (just north of Haines Park). From there we'll roll north and
meet everyone else at Wayland Square.

Train 1 starting location: Neutaconkanut Recreation Center – Mayor Elorza’s
Train 2 starting location: Mount Pleasant High School
Train 3 starting location: Lippitt Park
Train 4 starting location: Roger Williams Park
Train 5 starting location: Wayland Square
Train 6 starting location: Coventry Bike Path– intermediate level –
captains will also lead a ride home at the end of the work day

Please make an effort to show up even if just to add one more body to the
count on your way to work. It does make a difference.


Geoff Williams
Leduc Bioimaging Facility Manager
Brown University

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