I've been trying to add an additional element as a child of <text>,  
preferably following the <body> element.  When I process the modified 
ODD file using Oxygen the element is never added.

I do have a spec that adds it to the model.divBottomPart which adds it 
it as a child of <body>  but that is not ideal.

                     <elementSpec ident="envelope" mode="add">
                         <classes mode="change">
                             <memberOf key="model.divBottomPart"/>
                             <memberOf key=""/>
                                     <rng:ref name="envPart"/>
                                     <rng:ref name="div"/>
                             <attDef ident="type">

Can I do this with the ODD spec?   I've searched online for how to add 
to the <text> element and can't find anything?



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