Hello. I have a question about 'translation'.

I have a multi-lingual ms. dramatic text, where in some part of the 
edition, I wish to publish the translated portions of the text 
(originally in Latin, German etc) along with the main text (originally 
in Slovenian).

Now, how can I make it explicit that some <p> and <stage> etc. are 
translations from some other language (then I can use @corresp to 
determine the source).

To put it briefly: is there a direct way for a <p> or <stage> to say: “I 
am translated from ...”

(Sorry if I missed something obvious; I browsed the G. for 
“translation”, and found the cases of <derivation> in the linguistic 
modules and @type='translation' , but obviously, a <p> cannot have a 
@type , while a <stage> should have the values of @type with entirely 
other meanings.)


Matija Ogrin, dr.
Neznani rokopisi slovenskega slovstva 17. in 18. stoletja (NRSS)
Inštitut za slovensko literaturo in literarne vede