Hi Jeffrey,

maybe your question has been answered by now, but here are some thoughts:

I also think the <encodingDesc> would be suitable for information about 
the type of edition/transcription. The TEI guidelines do not allow @type 
within <encodingDesc>, though (which makes sense since this attribute 
might be mistaken as referring to a type of encoding description rather 
than to a type of edition, I guess).

So, how about using the child-element <editorialDecl> within 
<encodingDesc> instead and put a prose description of your edition 
criteria in here?
(For the Deutsches Textarchiv corpus we are using the <editorialDecl> in 
a similar way for a statement about our text transcription and encoding 
guidelines, cf. e.g.

However, this encoding might not help you very much in terms of your 
schema specification. So, how about additionally using the @type 
attribute within the <text> element (i.e. outside the teiHeader area) 
for this purpose:
<text type="criticalEdition">
<text type="diplomaticTranscription">

Hope that helps. Best,

Am 21.05.2015 um 16:18 schrieb Jeffrey Witt:
> Hi all,
> I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion about the place to identify in
> a TEI document whether a text is meant to be a “critical” or
> “diplomatic” transcription.
> I was thinking may be somewhere in the encodingDescription like:
> <encodingDesc type=“diplomatic”> or <encodingDesc type=“critical”>
> Any concerns?
> I anticipate that my schema is going to enforce different rules
> depending on whether the type is “diplomatic” or “critical”.
> Thanks for your thoughts.
> jw
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