Hi Joe—

We’ve implemented Shared Canvas as part of an editorial workbench in the Modernist Commons (http://editingmodernism.ca). We’ve integrated it with CWRC Writer so that users can mark up both images and transcriptions in a single interface. Shared Canvas uses Open Annotation RDF markup, not TEI. If, however, using our implementation, you want to mark up a transcription in TEI and then link that to the corresponding image, you can do that — but using OA RDF.

Let me know, off list, if you’d like to test it out. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to go public at some point in the next month. We’re in the last stages of debugging and testing.

Best wishes

Dean Irvine
Director, Editing Modernism in Canada

You can link TEI markup in the transcription with the RDF annotations

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 1. page for TEI wiki on SharedCanvas
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Subject: Re: page for TEI wiki on SharedCanvas

Hi all,

I'd be curious to know if anyone here has adopted or worked with Shared
Canvas (http://iiif.io/model/shared-canvas/) since Kevin's post last August?


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From a few scattered mentions online, it seems that SharedCanvas (
http://www.shared-canvas.org/ ) has some way of working with TEI
documents, or being used by people who also use TEI.  But I can't make out
enough of the relation to actually create a page at
http://wiki.tei-c.org/index.php/Category:Tools .  Is there anyone who
knows something about it who'd be willing to create this page?  The TEI
community would appreciate it!