Dear all,

I'm happy to inform you that Wolfgang Meier (creator of eXist-db) and Joe
Wicentowski (US Department of State) will be joining us as tutors of TEI
Simple workshop coming up in Oxford on 27th of May.

Thanks for reading and sharing with interested parties. I'll be happy to
answer any questions. Best regards,

Magdalena Turska

Please forward!


Working with TEI Simple and its Processing Model

Wednesday, May 27th 2015


IT Services, University of Oxford, 13 Banbury Road, OX2 6NN Oxford

Do you work with collections of early-modern and modern printed material
encoded in TEI or support people who do? Do you struggle with
transformations from TEI to publication formats?

Are you interested in how TEI Simple can help you process your documents
and document your publishing choices?

Come and learn how to apply the TEI Simple processing model to your data
under the guidance of TEI SIMPLE experts. Check if you can achieve your
publishing goals within a TEI Simple infrastructure.

We will give a basic introduction to the rationale behind TEI Simple and
the tools that have been developed, and then spend the rest of the day
working through participant’s material and texts from TEI Simple reference

The goal of the workshop is to test the TEI Simple framework on real life
projects and with real editors, assessing not only whether it is complete
and powerful enough, but also how easy it is to use for editors and
developers working with TEI documents.

Sebastian Rahtz, Magdalena Turska, IT Services, University of Oxford

Wolfgang Meier, eXist

Joe Wicentowski, U.S. Department of State

Pip Willcox, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

Mathias Göbel, Universität Göttingen

For more information on TEI Simple project see:

There is no charge for those attending this day-long workshop.

This unconference-style workshop is open to editors and developers. You
will be expected to bring your own material and have certain vision how
you’d imagine it published.

We ask each participant to investigate local funding sources to help cover
the costs of travel and accommodation, but if all else fails, do contact
workshop organizers ([log in to unmask]
and we’ll try to find a solution.

To register for the workshop you must first submit a brief application
through You'll be notified by May 10 (if not before)
of your acceptance for the workshop. Late applications will be considered
if there is space.