TEI community,

Since it hasnít yet been mentioned, I thought it worthwhile to highly recommend oXygen 17ís new feature providing support for Schematron Quick Fixes (

Some of you may recall an earlier discussion on normalizing Unicode, and the Schematron pattern I offered. That was fine insofar as it identified and located the problem, but it offered no fixes. SQF does just that. Tonight I put together a very simple but powerful SQF that allows a user with two mouse clicks in oXygen to change the errant text of an element into normalized Unicode. I wrote three more SQF patterns to fix editing that was previously took around a minute per change (to look up a value, copy, return where I was originally, and paste it). I think the potential benefit to TEI projects, especially in communicating choices and options to project participants, is quite impressive.

Kudos to Syncro Soft! (See their demo video here: )

Best wishes,

Joel Kalvesmaki
Editor in Byzantine Studies
Dumbarton Oaks
202 339 6435