Hi Peter! 

I'm all for an <appSpan/>, but I do not think it is mutually exclusive with a block-level <app/>. I beg to disagree with the argument that a block-level <app/> would run into overlapping issues more than the current phrase-level one. Let me have a block-level app for the many cases when it is just what we need, AND an <appSpan/>, more difficult to process but very useful too, indeed. 

Best wishes, 

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Envoyé: Mardi 19 Mai 2015 15:49:18
Objet: RE: Encoding divergent ending of a story (or: the <app> strikes back)

Hi Marjorie

> We REALLY need a block-level <app/>.

What you need is an appSpan, not just a block-level app, as that would often run into overlap issues.