James, you are right. But it all boils down to the same thing: 
a) it is good to be able to do some standoff encoding WHEN IT IS NECESSARY, but
b) when it is NOT NECESSARY, and it does not raise issues of overlapping hierarchies, we should just be allowed to use <app> at block-level. 

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Objet: Re: Encoding divergent ending of a story (or: the <app> strikes back)

> Instead of an <appSpan/> wouldn't it be better to use <app> in the stand off
> manner documented at
> doc/en/html/TC.html#TCAPLN ?
>   i.e. use @from and @to to point to the starting point and ending point of
> the app, by use of @xml:ids on elements there (e.g. <anchor/>) or xpointer
> schemes like xpath()?

For an external external apparatus, perhaps. I'm not sure that an external apparatus would be able to handle the case of say one and a half changed paragraph or other changes overlapping paragraph boundaries. (Except by representing paragraphs using milestone-like elements).