My collection of documents contains newspaper articles. We're not
interested in the entire newspaper, or even a complete page - just
individual article.

They often have a title and subtitle printed in them. So far, we've
been using markup like this:

<div type='article'>
<head rend="text-transform:uppercase;" type="h1"> Oscar Wilde Arrested. </head>
                <head type="h2"> The Jury Finds Him Guilty of the
Charges by the Marquis of Queensbery. </head>
                <p>London, Apr. 3.—The case of Oscar Wilde against the
Marquis of Queensberry for
                    libel was brought to a close this morning in a
verdict in favor of the

The @rend attribute contains CSS properties, and the @type attribute
is meant to denote the level of the title. I initially decided to put
them in the document body's div because that's where they appear in
the printed page. But now I'm not sure, and I'm second guessing

Is it better to put the title and subtitle in the titleStmt element in
the header? Right now we're including the newspaper name and date
there (which might not be the best place for them).