- Sebastian, I agree that every element can be involved in variation
and.... I can only vaguely imagine the tremendous problems for TEI content
models, so a compromise would probably be the best!

- Limiting to a problem that, I guess, often happens, when the textual
variation is at block-level, it should be encoded with block-level <app>!
Seems more straightforward than all possible alternatives ...

- "normal" TEI user would worry about processing when encoding.
Which tools are available and which techniques you can use may in practice
influence your way of encoding ... e.g., xpointer is a powerful standard,
but pretty nothing can handle it.

(Big voices are speaking there, forget me if I am saying nonsense :)

Best wishes,
Elena S

Elena Spadini

Huygens ING - DiXiT Marie Curie fellow
PhD candidate Sapienza Università di Roma

2015-05-19 22:23 GMT+01:00 Sebastian Rahtz <[log in to unmask]>:

> > On 19 May 2015, at 22:06, Burghart Marjorie <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> > I would argue that the point is not to loosen the TEI model, but to
> correct it.
> > As it is, the TEI model is assuming that variants do not occur at div or
> paragraph levels. This is just plain wrong.
> Hang on, now. You started asking for <app> to be a child of <div>, to
> allow for an entire paragraph
> being a variant. Now you’re saying that an entire <div> can be a variant;
> and I would assume you also
> would say that a <front> or a <titlePage> can be a variant too?
> Nothing wrong with this, but it raises horrendous problems in actually
> constructing TEI
> content models which support what you describe. My hair is doing its
> "quills upon the fretful porpentine”
> thing at the thought. You’d have to make <app> a member of,
> so it could appear
> _anywhere_, and then give it a content model not unlike <floatingText>.
> And then you’d have
> to learn how to process it.
> If you want to compromise by saying that you just want <app> to be
> blocklike, i.e. be a sibling of <p>,
> my quills relax.
> Sebastian Rahtz
> Chief Data Architect, IT Services