Dear Ron,

the config file itself doesn’t care about how you look up your data. All the config file does is select what element or attribute you want to retrieve suggestions for, and what XSL file will do that job for. So, for instance, if you want to autocomplete the target attribute of <ref/>, you would do this:

 <!-- The contributed values are obtained by executing the given XSLT -->
    <match elementName="ref" elementNS="" attributeName="target">
        <xslt href="cc_ref_targets2.xsl" useCache="false" action="replace"/>

The documentation for the XSL file shows what kind of output oXygen needs from your XSL. The only difference, I think, between looking things up in eXist and the file system is that instead of getting the values from doc(/path/to/your/file.xml), you will do something like doc("http://localhost:8080/exist/servlet/db/file.xml”) or wherever you saved your file in eXist.

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Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities

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Hi Radu,

This is even more interesting, a dedicated mechanism for customized
content completion.

On 25/06/2015 7:20, Radu Coravu wrote:
> One more thing Oxygen 17.0 added was support to have a special XML
> configuration file which can add content completion values for
> elements or attributes (even by applying an XSLT stylesheet):

Is there an example available of a configuration file that looks up the
values in e.g. an eXist-db database (which is hinted at in the last
example in the documentation)?