On 04. juni 2015 00:13, Jeffrey Brown wrote:
> Okay, now that I have done extensive research into Tariana (meaning that
> I've read the Wikipedia entry on it), I can see what Taliesin means.
> Tariana does have a peculiarly large grammar, with much fusion of affixes,
> not to mention the "frustrative mood" which I had never heard of, but which
> perfectly describes many situations in my work environment.


> So, I agree that it is possible to have a naturalistic conlang grammar that
> is large, but I would guess that it is simpler to attain naturalism with a
> smaller and more manageable grammar.

I find it interesting *why* Tariana is so complex; it's been affected by 
neighbor languages, and instead of simplifying it has gone the kitchen 
sink route. "Why, our most important neighbor language has these rad 
sounds, so lets just start using those sounds in these few words over 
her, for great grooviness! This is a nice grammatical feature from some 
other neighbor language, let's use it too and never mind how well it 
fits with what we already have."

The wikipedia article can of course not cover all the crazy stuff in the 
grammar, but it is odd that it doesn't mention serial verbs and 

I hereby propose "TPADEW", "Tariana Probably Already Does it, Except Worse"