A couple of years ago, Mia Soderquist and I were talking on Twitter about words we didn't have. We decided to create and share a new word every day during December. Lots of other people wanted to join in, it got the name #Lexember, and it's now an annual event across various social media.

Welcome back

Pete Bleackley
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I here am new.

And yet old. Many of you will remember me from ... holy crap it's been a
decade... ago.

I left because I stopped conlanging.  Nor have I started back up,  So
what's changed?  Well, I'm still interested in the world of conlangs, and I
decided that given the sheer volume of other stuff I peruse daily, I figure
I can stand to turn this particular spigot back on.

The proximate cause for the timing of my return was an odd request to
proofread a friend-of-a-friend's Elvish embroidery pattern.  Researching
Quenya and Tengwar rekindled a bit of the old conlang fire, I suppose.

So what's happened in the past ten years?  :)

Mark J. Reed <[log in to unmask]>