Den 2015-06-16 17:37, David McCann skrev:
> I certainly couldn't refer to hieroglyphic spelling.

In fact you could. Most hieroglyphs were syllabograms, or rather
mono-, di- or tri-'consonograms' (or rather _symphonograms_, but
then nobody would understand what I meant!) and many words could
be spelled differently, with or without logograms or
determinatives, or with different combinations of 'consonograms'.
This differed both synchronically and diachronically during the
long history of hieroglyphic writing, not least since more or
less historical or 'updated' spellings could be used.

AFAIK the term for interchanging two homophonous hanzi/kanji is
also "misspelling".

AFMOC there are alternative spellings of many words with the
Kijeb and Cidilib syllabaries, and I always thought of them as
"spellings" (or "stavningar" in Swedish, which is an interesting
term since it may originally have referred to runic writing,
although in modern Icelandic _stafur_ may be used for the signs
of any writing system!)