I know I haven't been active on the list in a while, but I've been hard 
at work on my graphic novel series, Chadhiyana (and some other projects 
too). I've mentioned Chadhiyana on the List before, as the series 
features a number of conlangs which I'm developing (in fact, the title 
character's name, Chadhiyana, is a conlang name, developed to sound 
"Indian", as the series takes place in a fantasy world based on South 
Asian and Middle Eastern cultures).

Formerly, I had self-published one comic and was further publishing the 
series as a web-comic on However, today, I am happy to 
announce that Chadhiyana #1 is available through my publisher (Rosarium 
Publishing), who picked up the book earlier this year. For those 
interested, the first issue not only features a number of names in two 
different conlangs of mine, but about four pages of dialogue in a third 
conlang featured in the book (with a translator for the native speaker). 
It's my first (published) attempt at a "working" representation of one 
my conlangs.

So far, the first issue is available on (Kindle Edition: 
and (Print and digital: I've also written a 
blog post for today, if you care to read more about it 

Hopefully some of you will check it out. Besides the Conlangs, I really 
think it's a great book (I know I'm biased) and I'm very passionate 
about it.

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion. Happy reading and happy 
conlanging. Cheers!

All the Best,
J. M. DeSantis
Write-ist (Writer & Artist)

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