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> <Doffing of cap> Kudos, dude! Jameld continues to be a project I follow
> with interest. Hope any errant llamas don't chomp up the pages for brunch
> before we get to see them. :D
> Kou

Thanks! That reminds me, I must write an article about llamas for the Encyclopaedia Jameldica [a woefully short document, the earliest versions of which appeared as Cultural Notes on my site; the intention is to record all the culturally related stuff that won't fit in a dictionary or grammar, such as the significance of fruitcake, the national antihero Jorthel, how to play Scrabble in Jameld, taboos, etc.].

However, it's taken me so long to complete the grammar that the dictionary is now out of date. The cycle repeats.



Älvard J. te Kraamlep (James Campbell)
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