/Best Practices for TEI in Libraries/ version 3.0 
<> ("BP") was released in October 
2011 as a significant revision meant to incorporate major changes to the 
TEI Guidelines since its previous revision. Since then, a number of 
significant new features have been introduced into TEI P5 (such as the 
introduction of @style), with more under consideration by the Technical 
Council now (most significantly, a new element for external metadata), 
that are of interest to users of TEI in libraries and others who find 
this document and its associated ODDs useful.

I have created issues (similar to SourceForge tickets) in the BP GitHub 
for some possible changes to the BP document and ODDs that I am aware 
of.  I invite you to comment on these issues and create new issues 
recording bugs or things that might be improved.

I plan to lead a discussion during the SIG on Libraries meeting during 
this year's TEI conference (in Lyon) to review the issues and discuss 
other issues people bring up.  I hope to work out a timeline with 
collaborators to implement the issues in the ODD source and release a 
new version of the BP.

Even if you won't be able to make our meeting in Lyon, I look forward to 
your collaboration on this endeavor.  Please don't hesitate to be in touch.

Kevin Hawkins
Co-convenor of the SIG on Libraries