On 15-08-12 11:28 AM, Hugh Cayless wrote:
> If we’re using git (and it’s been set up properly) the committer
> email should be there in the commit. Could you grab that instead of
> the username using a command like
> git show -s --pretty=format:"%ae"
> 4d2df873da3d45831f4eb410b1fc52ab496478b3

As far as I can see, I can't do any such thing, because the email 
response is internal to the Jenkins build process. But it's possible we 
can figure it out, given enough time.

> Note that git-svn does something a little odd with author emails, so
> your mileage may vary…looks like there are ways to clone an svn repo
> while supplying a username->email mapping, so we should experiment
> with that when we’ve sorted out our user list.

Yes. A simpler thing might be an email to the Council list by default, 
so that anyone on Council can investigate and follow up with the actual 
committer (who may not have provided an email that works anyway).


>> On Aug 12, 2015, at 12:56 , Martin Holmes <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> On 15-08-12 09:31 AM, Hugh Cayless wrote:
>>> If you know the user’s GitHub handle, and if they’ve provided an
>>> email, you can look it up via the GitHub API, e.g.
>>> (look for the "email"
>>> field), so usually it would be pretty simple to get an email for
>>> a committer and email them at that address. I think GitHub made
>>> the decision a few years back that they didn’t want to be in the
>>> messaging business—that’s what email is for, after all.
>> Yes, I've been looking at that, but it's not clear to me how we
>> could build this into the Jenkins build process. What Jenkins does
>> is:
>> Did the build fail?
>> If so, check the repo for the last committer, and combine that with
>> the default email address suffix and send mail to it.
>> We have no control over that, other than providing the suffix, and
>> a fixed list of email addresses to which the email will be copied.
>> We'd have to add a post-build step of some kind -- and I don't see
>> one that fits the bill -- to do the API call, parse the JSON and
>> send the email. I don't think it's trivial to do.
>> If we decide it's essential, we could do more investigation.
>> Cheers, Martin
>>> All the best, Hugh
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>>>> On Aug 12, 2015, at 11:31 , Martin Holmes <[log in to unmask]
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>>>> The way our Jenkins servers are set up, a single email suffix
>>>> is set up globally, which projects can then use; right now,
>>>> that's set to
>>>> <>, and it's used by the P5 builds
>>>> (so if I commit a change which breaks the build, an email will
>>>> be sent to [my_sf_username]
>>>> <>; that auto-forwards to my real
>>>> email address because my SF account is set up to do that.
>>>> The projects we have that currently build on GitHub can't use
>>>> this global setting, so they just email myself and Sebastian
>>>> directly. There is a more sophisticated email plugin for
>>>> Jenkins which we could install, which would enable per-project
>>>> email suffixes, but since we may be moving P5 to GitHub anyway,
>>>> it probably makes sense to wait and see how that works out.
>>>> I just tried sending myself an email at
>>>> [myusername] <> and to
>>>> [myusername] <>, but it appears
>>>> there's no mail forwarding system in place for GitHub as there
>>>> is for SourceForge, so I don't think we'll be able to maintain
>>>> the same notification system for builds from GitHub repos.
>>>> Cheers, Martin
>>>> On 15-08-12 05:43 AM, Martin Holmes wrote:
>>>>> Hi Stuart,
>>>>> Jenkins is set up to send an email to a committer only when a
>>>>> build fails following their commit; however, that was
>>>>> originally set up with SourceForge (meaning that it sends to
>>>>> an email address created by your SourceForge committer id,
>>>>> which is all it knows about), and you would have to have SF
>>>>> set up to forward on such mail before you'd get it. That
>>>>> works for P5 builds.
>>>>> However, as James has pointed out, the Stylesheets are now on
>>>>> GitHub, and you've reminded me that I haven't really checked
>>>>> into what's happening there; I'll take a look and see if a
>>>>> similar process can be set up for GitHub commits.
>>>>> Cheers, Martin
>>>>> On 15-08-12 02:26 AM, Stuart A. Yeates wrote:
>>>>>> I've got a change I'd like to make to the stylesheets used
>>>>>> to generate the HTML version of the standard (a minor
>>>>>> change to regularise the display of attribute values), but
>>>>>> I'm not quite sure how to go about it.
>>>>>> Do I just push a change request to
>>>>>> ? Or fork it? Does that
>>>>>> get tested by jenkins?
>>>>>> Jenkins used to send me emails when it ran a job based on
>>>>>> my commits, but I've not seen one for a couple of recent
>>>>>> commits, is that because I'm not on the council any more?
>>>>>> cheers stuart -- ...let us be heard from red core to black
>>>>>> sky