Dear Christian,

while I also read "Geschichte" and "vortreflich"[1] in your examples, I think the point is that there are indeed cases where letters are completely left out in hastily written passages.

In the Faust project we decided to use <supplied> for these letters unless it is a conventional abbreviation like "u" for "und" and the like.

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[1] the "c" seems to be completely left out, but what I read instead is not a mere "h", but a sloppily written ch-ligature. In the Faust project we also stipulate ck ligatures, whether or not the "c" is distinctly visible.

Dario Kampkaspar <[log in to unmask]> hat am 13. August 2015 um 11:44 geschrieben:

Dear Christian,

I am not really sure whether you should actually describe these
phenomena as abbreviations.

I'd rather argue, that in both cases this is not a deliberate attempt at
abbreviating a word but rather a property of the person's handwriting.
You can see, for example, that in what mean »-ich«, there is always a
dot for the »i« present as well as the »h«.
In »Geschichte«, both »e« are not really prononced but I'd have quite a
stomache ache if I said they were deliberately left out; rather, you can
see a small wave in the line following »G«. The same is true for
»vortreflich« where there is a clear wave between »r« and »f«.

If I look at my own handwriting, especially if I write quickly, I tend
to slur certain letters and I wouldn't describe that as an abbreviation
- for example, most people don't write every loop of an »m« or »n«,
especially if there are several following each other or at the end of a
word, but rather produce a more or less pronounced wavy line.

I do not know the rest of these manuscripts but in my recent
transcriptions of 17th and early 18th century manuscripts and letters,
had I considered these phenomena to be abbreviations, the text would
only have consistet of one <abbr> after another.

My suggestion would be to just transcribe these words as plain
»Geschichte« and »vortreflich« due to a) avoid amassing <abbr> and b)
that I don't see these as deliberate abbreviations (so using <abbr>
would be semantically wrong).


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