Dear Jack,

alas, this is supposed to happen, because <listPlace> can contain one or more places _followed by_ zero or more relations

      ( model.placeLike | listPlace )+,
      ( relation | listRelation )*

I don’t know why we have it like this. Somebody on the list must know, so I’m looking forward to an explanation...  

Toma Tasovac | @ttasovac 
Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities

On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 5:27 PM, Jack Bowers <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hello All,

I am making a <placeList> which involves the inclusion of multiple types of places, all of which has some hierarchical relationship with other places in the list. To mark this relationship, the most rational strategy in the TEI element set is of course <relation>, which according to the guidelines, it is allowed to occur within a <listPlace>.

Ideally I would like to put a relation element within each <place> entry block so as to keep all of the information all in the same place for the entire contents of the list, but for some reason that is not allowed….

So the next most acceptable thing is to place the <relation>'s in somewhere near (either before or after) the related elements so the encoding process and human readability of the document is easier…

            <place n="681" xml:id="Öst.">
               <placeName xml:lang="de">Österreich</placeName>
               <placeName xml:lang="de" full="abb">Öst.</placeName>
                  <geo corresp="#gis_region_id-862"/>
            <relation name="vaterregion" active="#Öst." passive="#Kä #OÖ #Bgl. #NÖ #Sa. #St. #Tir. #W. #Vlbg."/>
            <!--  administrative regions within country -->   
           <place n="181" xml:id="OÖ">
              <placeName xml:lang="de">Oberösterreich</placeName>
              <placeName xml:lang="de" full="abb"></placeName>
                 <geo corresp="#gis_region_id-735"/>
            <place n="101" xml:id="Kä">
               <placeName xml:lang="de">Kärnten</placeName>
               <placeName xml:lang="de" full="abb"></placeName>
                  <geo corresp="#gis_region_id-708"/>
However, when placed in multiple, non-adjacent places as described above the following error message is raised (in Oxygen): 

E [Jing] element "place" not allowed here; expected the element end-tag or element "listRelation" or "relation"

I have noticed this also happens where trying to do the same thing (which also should be allowed according to the guidelines) within <listPerson> as well.

> Is this supposed to happen or is there something wrong with Oxygen?

>> If this is not a glitch, can anyone explain to me the reasoning behind requiring that all occurrences of <relation> be adjacent in these contexts? 

Thanks in advance!
Jack Bowers

Austrian Center for Digital Humanities
Austrian Academy of Sciences