Thomas Ruhm wrote:
> If you watch a film in original language with subtitles, it still sounds
> exotic to you but it shouldn't because people from the country where the
> film is from won't think it is exotic but just normal. Dubbed films are
> more like they were ment to be.

Well, there are always exceptions, like Apocalypto or even Incubus. 
Although a dubbed version of Incubus might be preferable if you know 
even a bit of Esperanto...

I think a lot depends on how quickly you can read the subtitles. For me, 
subtitles aren't much of a distraction, and I can almost pretend for a 
while that I actually understand the language as it's being spoken. The 
problem is that I know what they're going to say before they say it.

So I prefer subtitles because I get to hear the original actors and 
still understand what's being said. (I could make an exception for Das 
Boot, where the original actors did the English dub.)

But I've been known do things like watching an English-language film 
dubbed in French with Spanish subtitles. I'm pretty sure that's not how 
it was meant to be seen...

"Normal" is overrated.