On 06/08/2015 16:28, Jason Cullen wrote:
> Well, then I would ask how you could argue that /ŋ/ is
> not a phoneme of English? *Wing, win,* and *wig* are all
> clearly distinct.

NO ONE on this list has said otherwise.

> At most, I have seen some phonologists list /ŋ/ as
> 'marginally phonemic',

Its phonemicity is certainly marginal. I see no gain in
representing _think_ as /θɪŋk/ rather than /θɪnk/.  IMO
phonemes, just like William of Ockham's entities, should not
be multiplied beyond what is necessary.

I have already outlined why I argue that _wing_ is /wɪng/.
Please read the email I sent to the list yesterday.  I'm
afraid I didn't change the subject line; it was still "Re:
Glottal stop in German (was: No Phonology!)"

And, who also analyzes _wing_ is /wɪng/, wrote on this in an
email yesterday (his has a shorter subject line ""Re:
Glottal stop in German."  You may like to read this also.

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