... whereas this email quite spoiled my morning.

So this is the reaction I get for saying "Experiments like
AllHoun or Hodor are always worth making."  Thanks a lot!

On 08/08/2015 09:30, Patrik Austin wrote:
> Ray, you're nowhere near in having understood how it
> works. You should go to the first message in the Hodor
> thread.

I said in an earlier email that, if I had time, I would go
back and look at Hodor.  It should have been obvious from my
last email that I have not done so yet.  After your email, I
am wondering if it is worth retrieving them from the Conlang

Can you point to any one comment of mine that was not fairly

> Last time I had to repeat what I'd already stated, it
> lead to a discussion that reminded me of my kindergarten
> days.

I was not part of that discussion, but writing off comments
from members of this lost as reminding you of your
kindergarten days is, I think, not exactly going to endear
you to list members.

> If there's no further argument, I rest my case. I think
> if anyone else chooses the argue for the validity of my
> language, they will have a better chance at being
> listened to.

I get it. If people agree with you, that's fine; if they do
not agree with you, then it's like being in a kindergarten.

FWIW I have not actually said whether I agree with what you
say about _Hodor_ itself, or not.  But in view your attitude
above and your implications about the mental qualities of
fellow members of the list, I don't see much point in going
to the archive and retrieving the Hodor thread.

Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
There's none too old to learn.