Hallo conlangers!

On 09.08.2015 20:52, And Rosta wrote:

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>> Hallo conlangers!
>> On 09.08.2015 11:27, And Rosta wrote:
>>> My intuition is that Livagian cannot be processed as a human language.
>> And then you have it as the language of a fictional human group? How do
> they manage?  Are they not human?  Or did you nix that notion since then?
> I mean not that the language isn't human-usable, only that I think its
> human users would have to use cognitive mechanisms beyond what the language
> faculty provides, and probably fails to make full use of the mechanisms
> that the language faculty does provide.
> Livagians are human (a relic Solutrean population is my best theory for
> their origin). There is widespread diglossia, with Livagian, the sanskrit,
> used for writing and formal scripted speech, and various prakrits used for
> everything else. The prakrits are human languages. Continuous superstratal
> pressure from the sanskrit prevents unchecked divergence between it and the
> prakrits. I have no idea at all what the prakrits are like.

I think I understand to some degree.  Of course, not having seen any 
documentation of Livagian yet, I cannot say anything about its actual 

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